Modular Assault Bridge

High speed crossing for MLC 70 vehicles


Within the forward edge of battle, the PTA, manufactured by CNIM Systèmes Industriels, is a unique gap crossing solution. The modularity offered by the PTA also provides a tactical advantage for vehicles up to class MLC 70Since 2009, the Modular Assault Bridge has been commissioned into the French Army under the name SPRAT (Système de Pose Rapide de Travure - rapid bridge layer system).

In front of the breach, it is capable of deploying two short 14.3 m bridges or one long 26 m bridge.

The bridge is deployed from the armored cab, thus ensuring operator safety. Rapid horizontal deployment (10 minutes with 2 operators for the long bridge) ensures operational discretion.

 Thanks to its stabilizing legs, the PTA can establish a bridge from unprepared banks (inclination of +/- 5%, slope of +/- 10%).

The high mechanical strength of the PTA's bridges allows the crossing of vehicles up to class MLC 70 over a gap of up to 24 meters in a repetitive manner as they are stress and fatigue qualified according to the FINABEL code.

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Equipped with a digital, automated combat system (including an IR camera, operator interface and telemetry), the Modular Assault Bridge can be used day or night.

Weighing less than 60 metric tons, it can be driven on ordinary roads and can also be transported by air.

CNIM Systèmes Industriels provides armed forces with logistics support in the form of personnel training and maintenance in operational condition of the equipment.  

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