Transfer and handling systems

Meeting complex kinematics issues, in confined environments, on board ships and submarines, our transfer and handling systems are mainly dedicated to munitions (torpedoes, missiles) and protection (sonar).

High added value handling

Our handling systems are integrated into the operational life of the ship: loading, handling and transfer within the ship, launching, recovery (for ROV, RHIB etc.), unloading.

Complex kinematics

CNIM Systèmes Industriels specializes in the design and manufacture of complex kinematics systems. Our teams consider critical aspects such as heavy loads, security requirements, safety requirements and constrained environments (reduced space, restrictions on board ships and submarines, etc.).

Extreme criticality

On board, our systems transfer and handle sensitive packages such as ammunition (torpedoes, missiles, etc.) with a very high degree of safety and precision. Our systems are operational and ensure that the mission objectives are met. 

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