Ous jobs

Our DNA is made of innovation. Each of our jobs contributes to this objective.

CNIM Systèmes Industriels is distinguished by the plurality of its businesses covering the entire business chain. From the design of equipment and systems to their marketing, passing through the study, production, inspection, commissioning and maintenance phases, CSI needs varied and talented profiles to address the challenges advanced industry.

Our different job categories:

  • Design office, Engineering (calculation engineer, robotics, mechanical design, technical manager)
  •  Project management (project manager, activity manager, project quality manager)
  • Methods, Scheduling (draughtsman, designer, scheduling technician, scheduling engineer, estimator, industrialization manager)
  • Production (welders and mechanical welders, machinists, boilermakers, foremen)
  • Maintenance (installation and machinery maintenance technician)
  • Quality, HSE (HSE facilitator, quality auditor, supplier inspector)
  • Purchasing (project buyer, expert buyer, supplier, etc.)
  • Support functions (HR, legal, financial control and accounting, marketing, communication)
  • IT, Planning, Continuous Improvement

Featured professions

Methods & Industrialization Manager

Discover in video the position presented by Cyril Roussel, our Director of Operations. [video in French only]

Machining specialist

Join a workshop equipped with unique means in Europe to carry out high-speed, high-precision machining!

Project manager

Do you want to carry out one or more projects in the cutting-edge industry?
At CSI an extraordinary experience awaits you!



Want to discover a little more about our workshops? Watch the series "Nos ateliers vus du ciel" (= "Our workshops seen from the sky")!