Unmanned ground vehicles (UGV)

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In the current conflicts, IEDs are responsible for many human fatalities and the destruction of military assets.

Faced with the problem of improvised explosive devices (IED), ROCUS, Route Clearance Unmanned System, supports forces by drastically reducing their exposure to threats and allowing them to carry out their mission.


Route Clearance Unmanned System

To meet the security needs of military convoys in the theater of operations, CNIM Systèmes Industriels developed an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) for route clearance, based on the THeMIS platform (MILREM Robotics’).

Able to operate in difficult terrain, combining endurance and robustness, ROCUS, Route Clearance Unmanned System, allows threat to be inspected, confirmed and neutralized to ensure the safety of soldiers and the advance of convoys.

Secure and allow the troops to advance

Unmanned ground vehicle UGV : remove the threat from personnel

Ability to operate out-of-sight: operated under armored vehicle

Tracked vehicle: high mobility (low ground pressure)

Reduced logistics footprint

All-terrain towable: easy to project to the place of operation

Une configurabilité inégalée

Le ROCUS peut passer d’une configuration mule à une configuration ROCUS et inversement en moins de 2 heures. Cette opération peut être réalisée directement par les sapeurs avec un minimum de matériel.

A scalable UGV

ROCUS can be equipped  with sensors such as ground penetrating radar thanks to its open architecture.

This unmanned system offers the Forces a better knowledge of the terrain by day & night.


The benchmark in terms of field-proven UGV

CNIM Systèmes Industriels has chosen to partner with MILREM Robotics to develop ROCUS from the THeMIS platform. Used within several armies, the THeMIS platform has multi-mission capabilities: logistics transport, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance whatever the conditions, even the most extreme.

THeMIS has been deployed in Mali, where it has given complete satisfaction to its users.

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