Large dimension metrology

Very high accuracy guaranteed

All the large size parts manufactured at CNIM Systèmes Industriels' workshops are compliant with 
strict dimensional control to guarantee a high level of quality.

The on-site control means and the highly qualified personnel enable to meet the most demanding manufacturing tolerances: a few μm on several meters long parts.

Tridimensional control adapted to large dimension

CNIM Systèmes Industriels has both static and mobile control means, suitable for large-size and high-precision metrology.

We have 4 laser trackers for very large parts and 1 poly-articulated arm; as well as 2 3D measuring machines in a temperature-controlled environment of 20°C +/- 1°C.

Our measurement accuracy is compliant with the ISO 10360-2-5 E0/E150.

ZEISS MMZ-G machine
8m x 4m x 2m
the largest in France

Load capacity: 20 tons
Accuracy: 3,6 µm + 2,7 µm per meter

DEA Delta HA machine
5m x 3m x 2m

6 µm + 7 µm per meter

Metrology services

CNIM Systèmes Industriels offers to measure your large-size parts for you.

Unique in France, dedicated to very large dimensions, with a ZEISS VAST Gold scanning sensor providing top-of-the-range reliability and a panel of carbon fiber measuring styli  up to 1.2m long, our MMZ-G ZEISS machine will bring you precision measurements for your metal or composite parts.


5 people are COFFMET* certified .

Three of them are COFFMET 3, the highest level.

*COFFMET: French Committee for Training in Three-dimensional Measurement delivering internationally recognized certifications


The highest quality level of welds

Expert in welding, especially for electron beam welding, CNIM Systèmes Industriels is committed to deliver parts with high quality welds to ensure parts performance with non-destructive testing.

CNIM Systèmes Industriels' staff has recognized expertise and is highly qualified by COFREND* for all welding NDTs.

COFREND has issued the following qualifications:

Visual testing (VT), 7 certified people, incl. 1 VT 3

Penetrant testing (PT), 12 certified people incl. 1 PT 3

Magnetoscopy Testing (MT), 6 certified people

Ultrasonic Testing (UT), 4 certified people TOFD incl. 1 UT PA (new certification created in 2021)

Radiographic Testing (RT), 3 people, certified level 2

Leak Testing (LT), including VP and GT, 5 people incl. 1 LT3


CNIM Systèmes Industriels also has an x-ray generator in a dedicated radiographic room to ensure the conformity and integrity of the welds on the thin parts.



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