Large dimension machining

In industrial subcontracting, CNIM Systèmes Industriels mass-produce large dimension parts and equipment with very high added value reaching a high level of precision for cutting-edge sectors of industry such as Space, Defense, Nuclear, large instruments. scientists and semiconductor manufacturers.

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vertical & horizontal turning lathes


large / high-speed milling machines


large boring machines

Turing, milling, boring

In our 60,000 sqm workshops, we subcontract parts weighing several tons with a degree of precision less than a millimeter. Our teams master the turning, milling and boring of high-performance metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, AG3NET and composites.

Our machine set is made up of large-size and very high-speed milling machines, vertical and horizontal lathes, large-size boring machines, of the JOBS, JUARISTI, INNSE, PAMA, DMG MORI and BOST brands.

To guarantee the quality of our parts and the achievement of your requirements, we also have large dimension metrology means.

Our site has direct sea access to deliver your very large parts.

Large dimension turning

CNIM Systèmes Industriels is equipped with four vertical lathes. Machined parts can reach a diameter of 3,600 mm, a height of 3,900 mm and weigh up to 80 tons.

In addition, we have a horizontal lathe, dedicated to very large dimension parts measuring up to 15,000 mm. Our teams perform turning on both metals and composite materials.

Large dimension milling

On the 7 milling centers that we have, we have the following distribution of our machines:

1 milling machine dedicated to very large dimensions (X 36,000 mm, Y 10,000 mm, Z 1,850mm), with a double gantry;

3 machines for large-size milling, including a JUARISTI with 2 columns.

3 milling machines for very high-speed machining, reaching 15,000 revolutions per minute.

Large dimension boring

Our two PAMA boring machines accommodate large parts up to 10,000 mm long and 5,000 mm wide. They are both equipped with rotative tables, allowing our teams to machine parts with complex geometry.

The PAMA Speedram 2000 boring machine reaches a loading capacity of 40 tons.

Machining centers for large dimension parts

Interested in our subcontracting in large dimension machining? Contact us to get our machine catalog and check the feasibility of your subcontracting project.

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