18 March 2024

Industrial subcontracting

CNIM Systèmes Industriels and MI Partners, a successful first collaboration!

MI Partners is a Dutch company that designs high added-value equipment for the semi-conductor sector in particular. The MI Partners teams contacted the CNIM Systèmes Industriels teams at the end of 2021 to work with them on the manufacture of a very high precise measurement bench for high tech tools.

A technical challenge

The part, which was complex to manufacture, had to meet stringent requirements in terms of ultra-cleanliness.

MI Partners and CSI worked on an optimised design for the part, comprising several sectors and pillars to be machined to very strict tolerances.

Electron beam welding of the parts guaranteed the mechanical properties of the final part, with very high quality, accurate and deep welds.

Naturally, assembly and integration were carried out in one of our cleanrooms to ensure that the product delivered to the customer met the ultra-cleanliness requirements.


Congratulations to the CSI teams and thank you to our client MI Partners for its confidence. 

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