Clean room integration

CNIM Systèmes Industriels manufactures large-scale complex parts in series and in clean rooms. Our teams are recognized for their know-how in the design-industrialization-manufacture of large-scale equipment and systems with high performance levels.


Our industrial tool is calibrated from A to Z for large-scale parts with a high level of precision, including for their cleaning, their qualification and their integration within a clean room.

Clean room subcontract manufacturing

Throughout the manufacture of high-performance mechanically welded structures, vacuum vessels and large equipment for high-power lasers, large scientific instruments or the semiconductor industry, the strict maintenance of cleanliness over the production line is key. At CNIM Systèmes Industriels, the maintenance of cleanliness is achieved at several levels, in particular thanks to parts dry machining, cleaning of elementary particles, cleanroom assembly and integration, cleanliness controls (Rasidual Gas Analysis - RGA) or even clean packaging.

Our operators are specifically trained to work at very high levels of cleanliness.

Large dimension clean rooms

CNIM Industrial Systems has two clean rooms to meet the subcontracting needs of its customers. Their temperature is controlled to the degree to avoid any risk of deformation of the large parts assembled there.

The small clean room measures 220 sqm (interior dimensions: 18 m x 12 m) and a height of 4.5 m. It is equipped with a 20-tons lifting capacity.
The largest clean room is adjoining a gray room.
The whole has a surface area of 2,300 sqm.

High level of cleanliness and expert workforce

The cleanliness level of our clean rooms ranges from ISO 6 to ISO 8.

CNIM’s operators working in the cleanrooms have specific qualifications for cleanliness controls. They implement classical degassing control (RGA), particle detection and counting techniques required for these ultra-clean environment. They are specifically trained for each project and fully dedicated to optimal efficiency. Their skills are regularly updated to maintain them at the highest level.

CNIM's operators dedicated to the large clean room are trained to work at high levels of ultra-cleanliness and with robotic cleaning devices.

Large washing machines

Both clean rooms are equipped with ultra high-performance washing machines.

Measuring 3000 x 1600 x 2100 mm and 6000 x 2600 x 1400 mm, they allow the washing of large welded structures and components.

Aligning high-power laser beams

Today, large complex welded structures are assembled and integrated in series in our 220 sqm ISO 6 cleanroom, in service since 2012, set up for the needs of the Megajoule Laser project. The manufactured structures allow high-power laser beams to be aligned and are very stable mechanical structures.


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