With strong expertise in cutting-edge industrial fields, the CSI's teams offer to design with you your products in composite materials and shape them in our workshops.

Our multi-material expertise, both metallic and composite, will allow us to support you towards a product that combines performance, resistance and lifespan.

Thanks to composite materials, you can :

  • Lighten your components currently made of metal,
  • Guarantee a very high mechanical resistance of your components,
  • Have parts that resist corrosion,
  • Obtain long-life components in an irradiated environment,
  • Ensure the resistance of your components subjected to powerfull  electromagnetic forces.

Our expertise is mainly focused on structural parts. Whether lightened or reinforced, large, and/or for harsh environment, our structures meet the highest performance requirements.

Large composite structure with internal polyurethane parts.

Large composite rings subjected to very high loads (~500 MPa in annular tension) and to a temperature of 4K (-270°C).

Project : 5m in diameter composite rings for ITER

Composite door meeting naval requirements (acoustics, lightness, operating reliability, etc.)

1 composite worshop 100% integrated

From design to full-scale parts qualification : everything happens on our industrial site in La Seyne-sur-mer with our teams. We are a a vertically integrated supplier, able to develop special processes and to industrialize them.

Our industrial tool is 100% adapted to large scale and the achievement of out-standing performance. Our composite workshop is part of this logic.

  • XXL shaping : dry machining, winding of pultruded material, filament winding, infusion, pre-impregnation (autoclave)…
  • Large dimension metrology
  • Laboratory dedicaded to material choices and characterizations
  • Heat treaments (XXL ovens, autoclave)
  • Scale 1 test benches to validate the expected performances. Custom developed.

Mise en forme de pièces en composites dans les ateliers de CSI : bobinage de pultrudé, cuisson composite, usinage à sec, bobinage, enroulement filamentaire, usinage sur tour horizontal

Shaping of composite parts in the CSI workshops (photos from left to right): winding of pultruded material, curing of composite parts in an XXL oven, dry machining, winding of pultruded material, filament winding, machining on a horizontal lathe


Our large autoclave (2.5 x 2.5 x 7 m) for heat treatment on composite parts.

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