Safe & precise handling systems

CNIM Systèmes industriels designs and manufactures secure handling systems adapted to the most constrained and severe environment. We are a key partner in the design and manufacture of complex and specific handling systems for critical packages such as fuel.

The high level of expertise of our teams in electromechanics and control command results from a long experience in nuclear projects and research programmes. They are dedicated to the safety of workers. Our handling systems are remotely operated. They can be used in hot cells.

Spent fuel transfer system in power plant

CNIM Systèmes Industriels offers highly accurate and secure handling systems for critical packages, from their design to their commissioning.  Our handling systems meet the most stringent standards and safety requirements of the nuclear sector.

We have extensive experience in the handling of spent fuel, both upstream and downstream of the cycle.

Photo: Spent Fuel Cask Transfer Facility (SFCTF).
19 units delivered to Nuclear Power Plants in France (EDF), China (CGNPC) and Finland (AREVA)

More about the China EPR project

VIDEO: ITER cryostat base handling operation

Heavy and precise handling system

As part of the construction of the ITER fusion reactor, CNIM Systèmes Industriels designs and manufactures non-standard heavy and precise handling systems to position parts weighing several tonnes with millimetre accuracy.

In May 2020, one of the handling systems was used to balance the base of the ITER cryostat, the heaviest part of ITER (1250 tonnes), during its handling and final positioning in the tokamak.

Cutting-edge critical containers and vacuum vessels

Our expertise in safe handling systems goes hand in hand with our offer of specialized and classified equipment such as sensitive object containers and vacuum vessels. We are committed to delivering the highest quality specialized containers and pressure equipment, achieving very high performance, to secure critical packages and high value-added material flows.

Large in size, under pressure, and possibly having a complex geometry, our equipment meets the most stringent requirements of nuclear environment (RCCM, CODAP, OHA, ASME, ESPN...). They are made of very high performance materials (AG3NET, aluminum, stainless steel, duplex...).


ESPN component for Jules Horowitz core reactor _ CNIM Systèmes Industriels

Photo : components of Jules Horowitz' core reactor 


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